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WittyFeed is the fastest growing content marketing platform on the globe today. From its inception in 2014, it has been providing you the means to discover a world of stories using vivid formats, ranging from stories to videos. It aims to make you the smartest Indian in the room by updating you about all the trends that matter, put out opinions on what’s happening around and has a host of lifestyle and good reads to up your intelligence quotient.

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The Popple is a new-age digital media company that serves popular, positive and pop-culture stories for millennials. We are a global, cross-network platform aiming to connect intensely with our audience keeping them inspired, informed and entertained.

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InnerVoice is a community where people share their emotions and have meaningful conversations around them. We are quite huge and famous on almost all social platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) We also have an app known as the InnerVoice App. Along with our digital presence, InnerVoice also conducts an offline event for the artists who want to express themselves. The event is named as Unheard which has shown its remarkable presence in 8 cities till now.

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दुनिया Digest दुनिया की पहली ऐसी हिन्दी वेबसाइट है, जो लोकल और ग्लोबल ख़बरों में कोई अंतर नहीं करती है। हम सिर्फ़ ख़बर ही नहीं आम लोगों की कहानियां भी लिखते हैं। वो कहानियां जो छोटे गांवों, शहरों और महानगरों से आती हैं। कई कहानियां हमारे दिल के काफी क़रीब होती हैं। इसके अलावा देश और दुनिया में चल रही घटनाओं पर भी हमारी पारखी नज़र रहती है, सीधे शब्दों में कहें तो कोई भी ऐसी ख़बर, जरूरी घटना, जो देश और दुनिया के लिए बेहद ज़रूरी है, वो आपको यहां पढ़ने को ज़रूर मिलेगी।

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GeeksMate is the fastest growing technology community that feeds technology, delivers the latest tech updates, honest gadget reviews, the Internet of Things, geeky opinions, in this ever-growing world of tech.

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FoodMate is the platform that ensures to treat every foodster with exactly what their taste buds crave for. We always love to stay in your heart, stomach in this case, by serving you everything great from the culinary world. Hitting the right chord by standing firm on our words is what we believe in and satiating food lovers' hunger is our first job.

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our Offerings


We’re the masters of storytelling. From subtly integrating a brand into our True Native Stories for content marketing to invoking emotions in millions of people, our team of impeccable writers ensures a reading experience which almost feels effortless.


Simplicity is the key when it comes to designing creatives. We believe in making the design simpler to be better at making a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. And, Call to Action (CTA) making all the difference, of course!

Video Production

Connect with the user on a personal level and they won’t forget you - the mindset we carry before producing videos. We deliver a memorable reel-life experience to our viewers with all kinds of videos (caption, motion, and sketch), which engages them and apparently, has become one of the smartest ways to connect with the consumers.

Video marketing

Do you want to run a campaign, see its successful execution, and amplify it all over the virtual web? With us, you have the means to nourish your brand in the Internet world and witness it flourish over video sharing platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Influencer Marketing

The world of media is evolving and we’re here to break conventions, not just hack virality but give a brand the right means and the right platform to address the target audience they desire to reach out and advertise through a vast base of WittyFeed Audience Network.


Creativity is the key, whether it is publishing content or banners. Our creative heads make use of rich media ads and IAB standard banners for an effective reach of a brand, which not only seamlessly integrate with the content on the site but fetch a high viewability rate leading to high CTRs.

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A Little About Us

Vatsana, an organization started by seven people has grown into a global organization today. We started to code back in 2011 but who knew we’re writing a story which will turn into a legend. Today, we inspire the world by creating world-class products. With a strong content publishing platform and the power of social media, we intend to give brands a gateway to communicate their story. And, with a reach of more than a billion, entertain our massive follower base having one of the biggest content marketing platforms of India.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to impact human lives at the scale of a billion.


Gold Winner in “Best Innovation in Publishing” category for Viral9 Platform

Silver Winner in “Best Brand Partnership” category for Bahubali Movie and so on.

Our Philosophy

A technology driven company which understands the power of technology. Technology reaching out to billions of people at once.

With emotions, we touch the lives of people, Through brands, we aim to enhance lives, And, by publishing interesting content, bring a change in your life.
Vatsana Technologies

Our Leadership Team

What Do Brands Think About Us?

It’s not easy to build a product which has no bugs and further maintain it in a way which forces you to think, whether there was even a problem or not. That’s what Vatsana was to us, prompt is the wrong term I’d say, they’re a combination of a firm who is stealth and swift at delivering products to after-sales servicing. Their timely response with the best solution is something I’ll always remember when it comes to Vatsana.


Great ideas are not born at great companies, ideas become great because of their execution. When we were thinking of reaching out to the youth of India and make them aware of our product, WittyFeed came to our mind. With their massive reach and diverse portfolio of content, they deal in, we’re in safe hands. I personally loved the way their True Native Content Marketing Strategies are formed.


A lot of people know how to cook, but a dish smells great because of the dressing and tastes delicious because of the preparation it went through before being served. If I wanted to explain FoodMate, this would be my opinion about it. From understanding the taste of consumers our company targets to delivering customer-centric content which will generate an unforgettable brand recall, these guys were just amazing at executing our campaign.


The times are changing at a rapid pace and the youth wants to connect with it, all at the same time. From updating them on what was going in our college to pushing entertainment pieces of content to keep them engaged on social media, WittyFeed was the game changer. Exceptional client servicing was witnessed by our institute when not a single update was late and amazing initiatives were being taken from their end, on a daily basis to keep the student engaged.


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